Io 2.0

Author, composer, and vocals Mara Bosisio

Bass guitar Daniele Fioramonte
Electric guitar Mara Bosisio
Arrangement Samuel A. Trotta (Sam Lover)
Mix & Mastering (Le Park, Milano) Luca Arosio

Original photo Eleonora Di Benedetto

Cover Artwork Mara Bosisio

Production Mara Bosisio
Distribution Believe Digital


sole a mezzanotte

Author, composer, and vocals Mara Bosisio

Bass guitar Daniele Fioramonte
Acoustic guitar Denis Potenza
Arrangement Samuel A. Trotta (Sam Lover)
Mix & Mastering (Le Park, Milano) Luca Arosio

Original photo Roberto Palladini
Cover Artwork Mara Bosisio

Production Mara Bosisio
Distribution Believe Digital

RADIO DATE: February the 15th, 2021

It's getting harder and harder to be ourselves and find our place in a world that makes us feel inadequate every day.

“Sole a Mezzanotte” is a fresh and vibrant song that speaks out against the sense of inadequacy felt in an overly artificial and impatient society in which we have forgotten how important simplicity is.
This awareness becomes an invitation to remove superstructures to connect with one's "self", to separate the essential from the superfluous, and to put yourself out there to improve.

The song was written after the Milanese artist came back from the Santiago Walk in the summer of 2019. The production work is by Mara Bosisio in collaboration with producer Sam Lover who took care of the arrangement; the single is released with the help of the label LATLANTIDE and distributed by Believe Digital.

The official video of SOLE A MEZZANOTTE is an absolute preview on Sky TG24 with a small exclusive interview
It's also available on Youtube



Singer-songwriter, curly-haired, nostalgic, versatile, Italian music lover. These are just some of the many words that can describe Mara Bosisio, whose strong persona mixed with a keen artistic curiosity influences her music in an endless game of contrasts. Born in Lecco and moved to Milan from an early age, Mara Bosisio took her first steps in the music industry when she was very young, opening concerts for famous artists such as Gatto Panceri, Mino Reitano, Little Tony, and Francesco Facchinetti.

Starting from 2008 and after graduating at the Liceo Scientifico G.B. Grassi (Lecco), she deepened her musical studies in many prestigious academies in Milan (MAS "Music, Arts & Show" - CPM "Centro Professione Musica" - SA "Canto & Musica") which brought her to play on major stages such as "Le Scimmie", the legendary "Blue Note" and several famous theaters throughout Italy performing in two national tours of the shows "STAND UP! A GOSPEL REVOLUTION" (2008-2009) and "STAND UP! THE NEW REVOLUTION" (2009-2010), both produced by the internationally acclaimed house-gospel celebrity CeCe Rogers.

2013 | 2015

In 2013 she released her first full-length album titled "NESSUN DIALOGO" under the PLAY label, available on iTunes, Spotify, and Digital Stores and later she collaborated with several artists from the emerging Italian music scene such as Axel Cooper, Anzia, Fabel LC, and Andrea La Greca.

In 2014 she achieved the CFP certification (Certificate of Figure Proficiency) with Elisa Turlà in Estill Voice Training and later further explores the extreme techniques (the Canto Moderno non Pulito) attending the seminar "Distortion Tour" hosted by Alejandro Saorin Martinez.

In 2015, she took part in the soundtrack for the short film "30 DOSI" (Director: Valentina Gala) which won the Silver Lion at the Venice International Film Festival. In the fall of the same year, she was selected as a singer/musician to join Max Cavallari (Fichi d'India) in the theatrical tour of the show "STASERA SONO FICO!".

2016 | 2018

The year 2016 began with the release of the single "IO". In the spring of the same year, she was selected by Just Entertainment to perform on the occasion of the big UEFA Champions Festival event, in anticipation of the football finals, on the main stage inside the Castello Sforzesco.

In the spring of 2017, she joined the YouTuber, Francesco Sole, as singer/guitarist in the inStore Tour for the duet presentation of his book #TiVoglioBene and with him, she duets the single "SEI LA MIA NOTIFICA PREFERITA" which was published during the summer of 2017 on YouTube, iTunes, and all Digital Stores. Towards the end of the same year, she released her new single "MI FA SENTIRE" and took part in hosting the television show "ARRIVANO I NOSTRI 3.0" for the Vuemme channel, as Veejay alongside Silver and Andrea La Greca.

The year 2018 ended with the release of her single "LUCCIOLE", the first work entirely written and arranged by her in collaboration with Sam Lover.

2019 | OGGI

In 2019 she released the single "LIQUIDO" and the song was chosen for the competition Sanremo Giovani 2018. The song’s videoclip features the special participation of ArteMente's students, the Centro di Alta Formazione per la Danza in Milan. In March of the same year, she joined ITALIAN ARTISTS, a group of independent Italian artists established by the producer and musician Denis Potenza, who gained popularity on YouTube particularly thanks to a reinterpretation of the famous song "Africa" by TOTO, as well as other covers such as "IRIS" (GooGoo Dolls) and "Viva la Vida" (Coldplay).

In the spring of 2020, in collaboration with ActionAid Italy, she created the online event #UnaVocePerActionAid with the help of many Italian artists (including Cesareo for Elio e Le Storie Tese and Gatto Panceri) to support the fundraising for victims of domestic violence.

On February 15, 2021, she released her latest single "Sole a Mezzanotte" with the label LATLANTIDE and distributed by Believe Digital.

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ITALIAN ARTISTS by Denis Potenza


fabio d'amato
Samuel Aureliano Trotta (Sam Lover) - producer
Luca Arosio - mix & mastering


Latlantide - Music publisher
Looksound - Video Agency
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Guido Giannone - photographer
Lorenzo Calzaretti - webmaster